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Memoirs of an Eternal Learner

Interviewing for Talent

2018-08-11 Leadership
As I outlined in my previous post, The Four Roles of a Manager, the most critical factors to predict future success of employees are their talents. The book defines talents as “recurrent patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be productively applied”. Defining the talents for the role To select people with the right talents, first you need to know for which talents you are hiring. There are three sources that you have to study to define the needed talents. Continue reading

The Four Roles of a Manager

2018-08-10 Leadership

When you transition to a people manager role, the first thing you need to realize is that from this moment, the main way for you to achieve success is through the success of the individuals in your team. In the following paragraphs, I present four core activities that will significantly increase your change of having a successful team.

Continue reading

Diversity and inclusion in decision-making

2017-10-23 Leadership
In very simplistic terms, and strictly from a business perspective, leaders have to perform two main tasks: make decisions, and implements those decisions. There’s usually subjectivity and uncertainty associated with these, making it very hard — if not impossible — to reach to objective, unbiased decisions. This is especially true if there’s only one individual making them. On the other hand, groups can offer two critical benefits to the quality of the decision making process and its results: more information, and more perspectives. Continue reading